All broadcast stations are required to adhere to certain federal regulations regarding political advertising. Stations are also required to adhere to consistent policies for all candidates.

Listed below are this station’s policies applicable to all political advertising.


Stations are required to offer “lowest unit rate” advertising to all qualified candidates, subject to certain restrictions. To qualify for “lowest unit rate” political advertising, the advertising must be a non-exempt use by a legally qualified candidate. Non-candidate “issue” advertising or advertising purchased by Political Action Committees does not qualify for “lowest unit rate” pricing.

The “lowest unit rate” is applicable 45-days prior to any primary election and 60-days prior to any general election.

The candidate’s voice must appear on the commercial and the appearance must be controlled, approved, or sponsored by the candidate or candidate’s authorized committee. In accordance with Section 317 of the Communications Act, all political commercials must include a “paid for by…” disclaimer. The station reserves the right to add appropriate identifying information to any commercial and to edit said commercial to fit within the appropriate time limit.


Reasonable access will be provided to all legally qualified candidates for FEDERAL office. In addition, the station may choose to provide, without discrimination, access to all state, county and local elections.

News sponsorships, adjacencies, or commercials in the news are not allowed.

The station reserves the right to determine time and availability of political advertising.

Order/Production Requirements:

All political orders must be accompanied by the NAB “Agreement Form For Political Broadcasts”, which must be signed by the candidate or by an authorized agent.

All political orders must be paid in full prior to broadcast.

The deadline for all political advertising is 2 p.m. on the day prior to broadcast. The deadline for Sunday and Monday is Noon on the preceding Friday. Political clients acknowledge that last minute orders cause an undue burden on scheduling and staff and that the station cannot make exceptions to this policy.

You must supply your own “talent” for political ads. Our announcers are not permitted to record commercials for any candidate due to what might be considered as an endorsement for a particular candidate. We can supply “out-ofmarket” voice talent for radio commercials for a fee of $50 per commercial.

If producing your commercial at the station, advance notice is required for studio time. A maximum of 30-minutes studio time is allowed for each contract. Additional studio time is available @ $60 per hour.

Order/Production Requirements (cont’d):

If you have commercials produced elsewhere and supply us with a dub, the dub must be of acceptable broadcast quality.

Dubs on CD are preferred. Cassettes are not allowed. “Home produced” spots are not allowed. The station reserves the right to refuse any dub that does not meet appropriate quality standards.


Rates may change during the time period.

Any political candidate desiring to run advertising that does not meet the requirements outlined in APPLICABILITY

(above), must do so at the applicable regular rate.

All rates are “net to station.” To calculate commissionable rate to agencies, multiply the net rate by 1.1765.

Make Goods/Rebates:

Station reserves the right to make good commercials missed due to pre-emption or technical problems. All make goods will be in a comparable time period prior to the conclusion of the election. Should make goods not be possible, a refund will be issued.

It is station policy to review all political contracts and to rebate any difference in cost in the event the actual “lowest unitrate” is lower than that charged.

Rotations/Classes of Time:

Rotations and classes of time are listed on the applicable Political Rate Schedule.


All political contracts are subject to review and approval by station management.

All political contracts, along with the NAB “Agreement Form For Political Broadcasts”, are retained in the station’s Public Inspection File and are available for review by any member of the public, including other candidates. Copies of all postbroadcast invoices and statements are also retained in the Public File.

Any questions concerning this station’s political advertising policies should be directed to the Station Manager.