Radio is Relevant

More than 240 million Americans tune into local radio each week. Why? Because as the ultimate portable entertainment platform, radio offers the best music, talk and local news anywhere you are, and it’s all free.

Radio broadcasters are working closely with mobile phone carriers to offer built-in radios in smartphones. Today’s smartphones already have an FM receiver, many just need to be activated. A built-in radio provides listeners the entertainment they love and information they need with no internet connection necessary. Sprint and other providers are currently offering this free service to customers. 

Broadcasters have also furthered the development of hybrid FM radio, which uses over-the-air radio receivers in conjunction with an Internet connection to provide listeners with the best of both worlds in their smartphone and their automobiles.

Through the built-in radio receivers, listeners are able to access their favorite local radio stations without streaming, but they also get a more interactive experience and can view song information, tag their favorite songs and purchase them, or give a station their feedback. This spectrally-efficient broadcast experience on mobile devices is dependable during emergencies and provides the interactivity listeners seek.

Radio stations also continue to offer more free choice for listeners with HD Radio. More than 5,000 stations are broadcasting in HD, offering listeners crystal clear sound and additional channels of music, talk and foreign-language programming in 36 automotive brands. There are no subscription costs for those additional channels.

Local radio stations are providing service on as many different platforms as possible. Many local stations are streaming online so even when you’re thousands of miles away from home, you’re able to keep up with your favorite hometown station.